HGTV's House Hunters

Lisa and Doug's Orlando Real Estate Search

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Lisa and Doug found David Welch, a Realtor with Remax 200 Realty through an internet search for Orlando real estate. Specifically, they were looking for their first home here in The City Beautiful. Lisa and Doug both wanted something near downtown Orlando to help with Doug's commute, but close to roads that would keep Lisa's drive convenient too. They settled on the area from downtown Orlando north to Maitland. They have two dogs, Eddie and Okra, so a yard or parks nearby was extremely important to them. Three or four bedrooms with two full bathrooms and an updated kitchen were also on the list of things that Lisa and Doug wanted in a home. They were looking for a home that met all these needs for less than $300,000.

Here are the three homes David found for Lisa and Doug.


                House #1                                    House #2                                House #3

House #1 - We started our tour in Maitland, since it was the farthest out from downtown and the closest to their current home in Winter Park. Built in 1984 on a large yard, this house is a four bedroom, two and a half bath traditional style house with around 2,200 square feet priced at $299,900. Doug and Lisa's new home!

House #2 - The second house we looked at is located in Baldwin Park, Orlando's newest community in the downtown area. Located across the street from a park and pond, this three bedroom, two bathroom house was built in 2005 has over 1,500 square feet and is priced at $291,900. Still available - lower price!

House #3 - We completed our tour with this downtown Orlando house near Thornton Park. This house, built in 1925, sits on a deep lot on a brick street just blocks from downtown lakes and parks. This four bedroom, two bathroom house has over 2,000 square feet and is priced at $299,000. Still available - lower price!

Let me introduce you to the cast and crew of for this Orlando episode of HGTV's House Hunters.


Lisa and Doug are the House Hunters, and the stars of the show. Some people think the houses are the stars, but I think people watch to see which house Lisa and Doug will choose.



That is David Welch (me) on the right. If you are looking for a home in Orlando, check out Since working with Lisa and Doug, I am the Realtor to the stars.



The other stars of this television phenomenon are the crew. They kept us in line and put this whole show together. They really made being part of this production interesting and an enjoyable experience.





Where would we be without the PieTown producer Josh and the camera crew Chris and Kerry from Buckshot Productions.


Josh (Led Zeppelin shirt) flew out from Hollywood to put this show together, keep the "talent" in line and keep things on schedule. Chris (above center) made sure to get our best side. His brother Kerry (above right) fought through, planes, trains, automobiles and lawn mowers to record all our great dialogue as we toured the houses.


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