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Real Estate Photography 2018: 15 Tips for Stunning DIY Photos I am very happy to say some of my thoughts on real estate photography were included in the article by Emile L'Eplattenier in The Close, August 23, 2018.

Why So Many Realtor Fail After 2 Years (and How Not to) You can find one of my latest quote in the media in this great article by Emile L'Eplattenier in The Close, June 28, 2018.

Return to peak home prices unlikely for Orlando in 2018. Another quote for me in the Orlando Sentinel. My niece Catherine, is also mentioned. 

Zillow is trying out a new service here in Orlando. They are testing an instant offer option for sellers who may want to sell their home to investor groups, without putting their home on the open market. Read what I have to say about this new service in this article by Mary Shanklin in the Orlando Sentinel.

New home builders have been stepping up their marketing, buyer incentives and bonuses to agents. Check out my quote in this Orlando Sentinel article. Two guesses where she got the idea to do this story. #OrlandoRealEstate

Sales declined a bit in November, in fact quite a bit from October. Seasonality or TRID? Nobody is sure, but I was quoted in the Orlando Sentinel regarding the effect of the new regulations on Orlando real estate.

When the movie 99 Homes opened in Orlando on Thursday, guess who Orlando Sentinel Real Estate Reporter Mary Shanklin asked to attend, so she could get his thoughts? If you guessed David Welch, you're right. The movie is a bit of a thriller based on foreclosures and evictions here in Orlando. The plot is a far fetched crime drama, but many of the aspects of foreclosure and eviction do ring true.

I was quoted in the Orlando Sentinel again today. Check out this article about Canadian real estate investors and how the weaker Canadian Dollar is impacting their decision to sell properties here in the United States. 

Last night I was on Fox 35 at 10:00pm. Bob Frier did a piece on the latest RealtyTrac report for 'underwater' homes in Orlando. Below is the tweet from @MyFoxOrlando. Click the link for the story.

Mary Shanklin of the Orlando Sentinel quoted me in her piece about the potential for investors to begin selling off the properties they bought just a few years ago in Orlando.

Greg Dawson mentioned me in an article about HGTV in the November 2014 edition of Orlando Magazine.

I made the Orlando Sentinel again in this piece by Mary Shanklin Orlando Home-sales Market Cools as Number of Listings Grows from July 27, 2014.

Check out my quote in the Orlando Sentinel article Condo Fever Cools in Orlando as Sales Drop from June 24, 2014.

Bloomberg - Business Week quoted me in this article US Home Sellers Return for Spring as Buyers Get Relief on February 7, 2014. Read to the bottom about the "Orlando Shift."

For other news and information try, or for information especially for medical and healthcare professionals check out, and don't forget my Orlando Real Estate Blog

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