Thank you for visiting The Remax Difference on It is disappointing when your home fails to sell. Sales made a huge gain over the last two years, and inventories have been steadily declining. This means it could be better timing for selling your home. If your home has been off the market for a while, it could look like a new listing.

There are three factors that affect the sale of your home and you have control of all three.  These factors are pricecondition and marketing.

I will start with marketing, because that is The Remax Difference. Google #OrlandoRealEstate, and see who shows up - I do. If you Google "Orlando Real Estate Blog" I am number one, and have been for nearly 10 years. You may have been listed with a small company or a large company, but nobody sells more real estate than RE/MAX. 

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Our size and reach around the world gives Remax the ability to market your property more effectively through exposure on television, sports sponsorships, magazine and newsprint. Remax agents account for 7% of all realtors but have 18% of the market share. 52% of all real estate television ads are Remax. All of these media direct potential buyers to and your local Remax agent David Welch. Just click on the Remax sign above to check out my page 
on the Remax network. Why do I make such a big deal about internet marketing? The vast majority of buyers (nearly 90%) say that they use the internet as the primary resource for identifying homes and for finding an agent. That is one reason why you can also find me and my listings on several of the best real estate search engines and boards including: Google. Of course no internet marketing campaign is worth having without 

Next is the condition of your home. When I talk about the condition, I mean everything from how easy it is to show, to curb appeal, to how it looks when you walk in the front door and beyond. Check out the links to the right on curb appeal, how to sell your home and staging. When I consult with sellers who trust me with their home to sell, I try to look at the home like a potential buyer will look at the home. This may be the one aspect of selling your home that you have the most control over. If you need to spruce things up click here to save 10% at Lowes.

Go to a new decorated model home, and see what the builders have done to make their model more inviting. Remember, you are competing with the builders for buyers.

The final factor in selling your home is price. Price your home too low, and you risk leaving your equity at the closing table. Price your home too high, and you may never see the closing table. Check out this link for a free home valuation and click here to read about setting the price. When I place a home on the market, I conduct a market analysis for you. We will go over the recent sales as well as the competing properties nearby. We will also talk about your time frame, because time truly is money.

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by David Welch
Orlando Real Estate


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